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Using SEO article marketing methods can do a lot to drive very targeted traffic to your website, all for free. If you know how to do it right, you can benefit from all the articles you write. 

SEO Article Marketing Tips

Many people seem to think that you can either write for humans or write for search engines. They don’t seem to understand that you can do it both ways with one article. 

To get the most out of all your SEO article marketing efforts, the first thing you have to do is find a good list of quality keywords associated with your niche website (fairly high searches with little competition).  

Once you have your keyword list, you have to write quality articles around that keyword. As long as the articles you write are quality and provide good information, that will be half the battle. 

Do not get stuck in the idea that you have to include your keyword in every sentence of your article. That is considered keyword stuffing and won’t do you any good. 

Strive for no more than 3% keyword density. Put the keyword in your title, the first and last paragraph, and a few other times throughout your article. That’s all you need. 

The simplicity, yet effectiveness, of this method, is why it is so popular. By writing articles, you will set yourself up as an expert in your niche. You can use your articles to provide much helpful information to all your readers. 

Online, it’s always best to give something of value before you expect to get anything. By giving your readers some good and helpful information and advice, you are building trust with them. 

The other huge benefit of doing this, with the proper keywords, is that the search engines will reward your content with a high search engine ranking. This will give you much organic traffic. 

For example, if your niche is birdhouses, all you need to do is write some keyword-optimized articles around the keyword “bird houses.” Then when someone does a search and types in the phrase “bird houses,” your article may well be one of the first that shows up on the page! How is that for free traffic!

The same basic principle holds for making blog posts. When you are adding content to your blog, you simply follow these same basic steps. That way, when someone searches for your keywords, they will see your blog post and subsequently land on your blog. 

This provides you with a great opportunity to add an autoresponder to your blog and capture the visitor’s email address so you can contact them again. 

Using this SEO article marketing method can help you ramp up your website traffic, and the best part? It’s all for free! Just be careful not to fall into the mindset that if one keyword in an article is good, ten must be better. Don’t try to stuff your article with keywords, and a few well-placed keywords are all you need.

Planning Your Email Marketing

Your best chance of success with email marketing is to create a plan based on the products that you want to promote. It all starts with your product funnel, which leads to your content marketing plan and your email marketing calendar. All email marketing should be focused on promoting your products and services, and that requires planning. The following steps will help you increase the results of your email marketing.

Craft a Working Product Funnel. You probably already have various products and services, but you may not have designed a product funnel yet that helps you understand how everything is interconnected and works together. Understanding this can help you keep your different lists and promotions in order.

  • Design Sales Pages for Each Product: Each page should tell your audience the benefits of purchasing the product. Remember, a sales page’s focus is on the audience, not on you. Benefits over features, always pretend you are the client and answer all the questions and concerns they might have right on the sales page. 
  • Start Appropriate Email Lists for Each Product: Using your autoresponder, create the lists for each product or service that you will promote. At the minimum, you will want a general email list for people who visit your blog’s front page and then two lists for each product you sell. Create one list for people who purchased the product and one list for people who want more info about the particular product. Name them appropriately to know where to put the messages based on where the audience joins your list.
  • Develop a New Product Launch Calendar: Knowing when each product is being launched for new upcoming products and or services will help you identify which lists you can include the announcements and information on. Plus, it will remind you to create new sales pages, lists, blog posts, and email marketing messages for each new product.
  • Create a Blog Post Publication Calendar: Based on the product launch calendar, write blog posts and set deadlines for them to be scheduled. Ensure that some blog posts promote the various sales pages, and other blog posts are designed for those who purchased already. For each message, consider who will see it and where they come from.
  • Create a Social Media Content Publication Calendar: Develop social media messages in a series based on your blog posts to attract your readers to click through to your sales pages and purchase or sign up for your email lists. 
  • Create an Email Publication Calendar: Based on how everything works together above, create a series of emails that you can edit appropriately for each separate list that you may want to promote the new product to. Load them into the right auto responders, ensuring they link to the right sales pages depending on the audience they are sent out to.
  • Craft Follow-Up Messages: Don’t forget to craft all your follow-up messages for each product you sell. Once sold, you will want to keep in contact with the customer who bought it so that you can market future products and services to them.

By creating a plan of action to follow, you can make sure that every time you launch a new product, you can cross-promote other products and services without bombarding your list too much with messages they don’t need, thus increasing your conversion rates exponentially. If all the content you create goes together like a puzzle to promote your products and services seamlessly, it’ll be that much easier each time setting up for each new product.

Online Marketing Strategy

Whether you are all on your own or a big internet business, you will need to find the best online marketing strategy for your business. There are various elements to put together an effective marketing plan. If you can do it yourself, great, but if you think you need some help, hire a company to do the work for you.

There are many issues you need to keep track of to have your online business be profitable. Things like creating an effective marketing funnel and choosing the right product or service to sell.

But the one biggest thing you have to do to have a successful online business is to use multiple sources of traffic generation to drive traffic to your website. This traffic will be your customers. No business, online or off, can survive if they don’t have plenty of customers.

One of the first things you need to learn is that you will need quantity and quality when it comes to traffic online. For these purposes, quality means finding people who love the product or service you are selling and who are willing to spend money on it.

If you can get enough qualified people to your website, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Putting your offer in front of those looking for your offer is about as easy as it gets.

But how do you get the traffic to your site? With hundreds of various options to use to get traffic which one do you choose to do? For most people starting with some free online traffic generating methods is the best way to go.

Simple things like search engine optimization and article marketing are great ways to get started. They are easy to learn, don’t take much time to do and they are free.

As your business progresses, it’s pretty common to add other forms of traffic generation, some paid and some free. At this point, you may also decide that your time is better served elsewhere, so you might want to hire a company or individual to do it for you.

It’s generally a good idea to have between 3 to 5 different methods to generate traffic. The whole doesn’t put all your eggs in one basket thing. The only problem with this method, especially if you have several sites online that you are promoting, is that keeping tabs on all your promotions can get pretty overwhelming.

That is why hiring a company to take care of the day-to-day activities associated with it can make your life much easier. True, you will have to pay them, which will cut your profit margin, but your time is worth something too, and the overall cost shouldn’t be that much.

So, to sum up: your biggest job online is to get quality traffic to your website so you can make sales. Doing much of the work yourself when you first start to save money than hiring a company to handle your online marketing strategy once you are profitable is an excellent game plan to follow.

Digital Age Wireless Bridge International Marketing

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Digital Age Wireless Bridge International Marketing

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