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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Google SEO Networking Strategies to Increase Sales

Google is huge and one of the biggest companies on the internet. They own many internet websites, including YouTube, one of the biggest social networking sites. Google is making another move into the social networking niche. Going by their many successes, their social networking site is bound to be a huge success.  

Google Social Networking – Huge And Biggest

The Google search engine is the most widely used globally, not to mention their presence in the email niche, calendars, paid to advertise, and web applications. Google is usually very successful at everything they put their hand to.

Social networking is taking over the online world as it has become incredibly popular and a fantastic way to connect. People use social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube to connect with other people socially and expand their business and reach new customers.  

Social networking sites may have started as social media, but businesses quickly discover the benefits of using these sites. Businesses can promote their products or services and connect with potential customers interested in their particular niche.

So Google has decided to join the party and have their social networking site; after all, why not build a site to keep up with popularity right now. Google’s social networking site is called Orkut. A very strange word, but it appears to be in the running to become one of the popular social networking sites.

Orkut is already very popular in Asia and Latin America. It is only a matter of time before that popularity spreads worldwide. If Google works to its usual standard, it will aim to dominate the social networking market.  

Google tends to do its research well and know what it takes to get to the top. Google wants to share the market that Facebook, YouTube, and other networking sites have had for a while now. Orkut’s numbers have increased significantly in China and Japan and are now receiving over 11 million visitors each month.

Whether Google’s social networking site Orkut will become as popular as sites such as Facebook will be told over time. For sure, Google will work hard to get to the top, and they will put in a huge effort. They have proven themselves as fierce competitors repeatedly in many large markets, so there is no reason why they can’t be competitive in this market.

Google may want to try to offer something that other social networking sites don’t offer. If they can have a uniqueness about their website, it can attract many members.

If you have not heard of Orkut or aren’t using Orkut, then you should go to their website and see what it’s all about. If you already have a Gmail or other Google account, you are halfway through the registration process already. This will certainly be tough competition for those social networking sites, so it is worth checking out.

Google Keyword Research

When you do Google keyword research, there is a wonderful keyword tool for you to use. Their keyword tool lets you wade through a whole database of words and phrases to help you find your niche and the best keyword to put to use for that niche.

You can find the best keywords to use to bring traffic to your site; you can also research statistics of that keyword to see how many searches it gets every month. The best keyword is one with little competition and a high search volume.

This may take some time, but sometimes, if you look long and hard enough, you might find a keyword that will be just like finding a little nugget of gold good enough to bring you all the riches you desire.

Here is what you do:

Open a new tab on your browser and go to the Google keyword research tool at “” Type in the keyword you want to start with, then type in the captcha letters and click the search button.

What will come up is a list of related words and phrases the tool generates for you to choose from. As I said, choose a keyword or phrase that has low competition and a high search volume. Picking one with high competition will not allow you to rank high on the search results pages.

Now, when you find one that you think is good, check how your keyword is trending. Put your mouse over the keyword or phrase and then click on the spyglass icon. Google Trends will show you when, during the entire year, your search term is the most popular.

This is a great feature if you have picked a seasonal niche.

The next thing you should do is go to Google and type your chosen keyword into the search bar. How many ads do you see on the right-hand side of the results page? If there are less than five, then you should keep looking for another keyword to use. Less than five means that this is probably not a good niche because no one is searching for it.

If there are five or more ads on the right-hand side of the results page, then you are golden, and this is a keyword you should keep and use.

The keyword tool will also show you how much your keyword is making per click. The average CPC for a good keyword is anything above $0.50 per click. You want to make money, right? Then pick your keywords carefully and make sure that they have a higher CPC. 

Google keyword research tool was the basis of another company’s study on the top 20 highest CPC keywords. “Insurance” tops that list of keywords with over 24% of all keywords used and a CPC of over $47. That is insane! You would probably never find a good keyword to use in that niche, but if you did, WOW! You would be laughing all the way to the bank.

Seo Article Writing Tips

Many online marketers miss a great opportunity; they don’t know how to write a good SEO article or blog post. They spend a lot of time churning out great articles but don’t get as much from them as possible.

There is a lot of debate about what is better: writing for the search engines (making your articles search engine optimized) or for humans. I say, why not do both?

You can use your articles to not only inform your readership and provide them with valuable information, but you can also get the added benefit of using your articles to drive free search engine traffic. Increase the amount of free organic traffic you drive to your website.

Of course, you need to make sure that you don’t skew too far into the SEO realm. Your articles are stuffed with keywords and are virtually unreadable for your readers.

To get the best of both worlds, your first step will be to identify those keywords that drive many visitors and don’t have exceptionally high competition.

Make sure you consider keywords related to your niche but may not be the most popular searched-for keyword. Try to get creative, and don’t hesitate to use the free keyword tools online to expand your list further.

Now that you’ve got your keyword list, it’s time to start writing your SEO article. You don’t have to stuff the article with keywords to get a great benefit. If you put in too many keywords, it can hurt you. Your article must read naturally.

The first place to put your keyword is in the title of your article. That is the first thing the search engines will see.

After the title, you will want to include your keywords a few times in the article body. How many times is enough? Well, that depends on the length of your article, but a good rule of thumb is to include it in the first paragraph, the last paragraph, and once or twice more. Try to strive for a keyword density of no more than 3%.

While there is some debate on the best article length, you must have at least 250 words. I wouldn’t go much higher than 500. That is a good range because it provides a lot of information without becoming too long and boring to read.

If you are writing articles to drive traffic to your website and provide your readers with good information, then remember it is a numbers game. The more quality, keyword-focused articles you get in circulation, the more traffic you will get.

Many of these keyword-optimized articles can continue to drive traffic for months or even years to come. That’s a big bang for your time and well worth it.

You don’t have to choose between writing an article for your readers and writing for the search engines; you can do both with one article. Use your keywords properly, and you can get both benefits from just one SEO article.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Google SEO Networking Strategies to Increase Sales

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Google SEO Networking Strategies to Increase Sales

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