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Google Certified Digital Marketing Essentials

Google is huge and one of the biggest companies on the internet. They own many internet websites, including YouTube, one of the biggest social networking sites. Google is making another move into the social networking niche, and going by their many successes, their social networking site is bound to be a huge success.  

Google Social Networking – Huge And Biggest

The Google search engine is the most widely used globally, not to mention their presence in the email niche, calendars, paid to advertise, and web applications. Google is usually very successful at everything they put their hand to.

Social networking is taking over the online world as it has become incredibly popular and a fantastic way to connect. People use social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube to connect with other people socially and expand their business and reach new customers.  

Social networking sites may have started as social media, but businesses quickly discover the benefits of using these sites. Businesses can promote their products or services and connect with potential customers interested in their particular niche.

So Google has decided to join the party and have their social networking site; after all, why not build a site to keep up with popularity right now. Google’s social networking site is called Orkut. A very strange word, but it appears to be in the running to become one of the popular social networking sites.

Orkut is already very popular in Asia and Latin America, and it is only a matter of time before that popularity spreads worldwide. If Google works to its usual standard, it will aim to dominate the social networking market. Google tends to do its research well and know what it takes to get to the top.  

Google wants to share the market that Facebook, YouTube, and other networking sites have had for a while now. Orkut’s numbers have increased significantly in China and Japan and are now receiving over 11 million visitors each month.

Whether Google’s social networking site Orkut will become as popular as sites such as Facebook will be told over time. For sure, Google will work hard to get to the top, and they will put in a huge effort. They have proven themselves as fierce competitors repeatedly in many large markets, so there is no reason why they can’t be competitive in this market.

Google may want to try to offer something that other social networking sites don’t offer. If they can have a uniqueness about their website, it can attract many members. If you have not heard of Orkut or aren’t using Orkut, then you should go to their website and see what it’s all about.

If you already have a Gmail or other Google account, you are halfway through the registration process already. This will certainly be tough competition for those social networking sites, so it is worth checking out.

Google Social Networking

You don’t have to look very far on the internet to find Google’s fingerprints. Google started as a search engine, and that was about all it did, but then as it gained more traction, it started to branch out into other things. Many of the things they tried didn’t do all that well and have long since been forgotten. It remains to be seen if Google+ (Google social networking) will last or soon disappear like previously failed endeavors made by Big G.

There is no question that Google+ has much weight behind it, and they want it to grab some of Facebook’s business. Now, they may not flat-out say that, but it’s quite obvious that they have noticed how much of an impact Facebook has had, and Google can’t be blamed for wanting a piece of the virtual action.

By now, everybody knows that social networking is taking the world by storm, at least the online world. Big-name networking sites like Myspace and Facebook offer settings for people to connect. Many businesses are also tapping into the power of this phenomenon because they can see how popular they are, and they also understand the power of social proof provided by such sites. The ability to leverage social network sites is an excellent method for businesses to reach new markets and increase their customer base.

Perhaps you are among the people who didn’t think there was enough room for another major player in social networking, but Google’s entrance into the arena shows that there is still room for growth and competition. While it may have had a few missteps in its short history, they have a reason for everything that they do. Google+ appears to be a serious contender in the field of social networking, and it is already starting to get a fair share of users who like what it has to offer.

One of the main things that make Google+ unique is the use of social circles. You put people into different circles, and then you get to decide what each circle gets to see. For example, you can put your co-workers in one circle, your family in another, and your spouse is yet another. The only downside as of right now is that each person can only belong to one circle, but at least you can control who sees what.

Google+ also has a chat function which makes communicating with friends easy and enjoyable. Facebook also has a chat, but theirs is limited to only one person at a time. Google+, on the other hand, is set up so up to 10 people can all chat at the same time. It also has seamless video chat, which adds to the overall experience and puts the ‘social’ in ‘Google social networking.

Everything you would expect in a good social networking site is still here, such as games, sharing, status updates, and more. While it may be a bit of a stretch to say Google social networking will replace Facebook, it would be fair to say that Google+ does things right and is worth checking out.

Google Keywords Tool

The internet is the only place I know where you can access so many valuable tools for free. One of the most widely used of these free tools is the Google keywords tool. This online resource is available to everyone who wants to use it and the best part about it, besides the fact that it’s free, is that it’s very easy to use. 

Don’t let its ease of use and the fact that it’s free to distract you from the real power of this tool. There are very few things you can do online from a marketing standpoint (actually, there may not be any. I can’t think of one right at the moment) where you don’t need a great list of highly searched-for keywords. 

Who better to turn to for that information than the biggest search engine around? They most certainly have access to what their searchers are looking for online and what words and phrases they are using for that search.  

Most of the time, it will make sense to follow some basic steps when undertaking keyword research:

  • 1. First things first. Use your head, think up a list of 10 or so ‘base keywords.’ These are very general keywords and would probably be too broad and competitive for you to target; they are just the first step. 
  • 2. Take your preliminary list and head over to the research tool. Plug each of these broad keyword phrases into the software, and it’s very easy. Each of the broad phrases will give you a smaller, more drilled-down list. Some words and phrases will show up more than once, but you will get some new phrases. Also, not all the phrases will work for your niche, but again, you’ll get some ideas of other possible keywords. 
  • 3. From these two steps, you’ll probably already have a pretty long keyword list. A few things you’ll need to remember is that these lists will be good, but don’t think for one minute that all of the good keywords will be included on the list… they won’t be.  

Also, don’t mistake paying too much attention to the estimates of cost per click, average monthly searches, or competition. These are only broad ideas. 

Many new online marketers will make a huge mistake when it comes to keyword research. They will focus on the most highly searched phrases they can find. They will figure that if that many people are using a certain keyword, it will make sense for them to use that keyword and benefit from all that traffic. 

Sounds good. The only problem is that hundreds of thousands of other online marketers have the same idea. The keyword may get a ton of searches, but it will also have a ton of competition.  

Instead, focus on those keywords that ‘fly under the radar. They still get a lot of monthly searches, but they aren’t as competitive, which means you’ll have an easier time getting ranked for those keywords, and you’ll pay less per click for those keywords. All this information will be yours when you use the Google keywords tool.

Google Certified Digital Marketing Essentials

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Google Certified Digital Marketing Essentials

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