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There was a time when having a website would virtually guarantee that you would be noticed and that you could capitalize on having an online presence. To be blunt, those days are long gone. In today’s business world, you must have a full online marketing strategy to achieve any gains from your website, and yes, every business needs a website. 

Online Marketing Strategy – A Must For Today Online Marketing

Many people like to spread the myth that traditional marketing and online marketing are the same things. Many of the principles are the same, but their application varies so widely that they are not synonymous. There is no question that the medium used for advertising will dictate how you can effectively market that medium. 

For example, you may capture people’s email addresses by placing an ad in the newspaper, but it would be much more effective to get their email addresses from them while they are online. The point is that an online marketing strategy requires a different way of thinking than traditional marketing, though you may notice some similarities.

Whom are you going to sell your stuff to online? 

That seems like a simple question, but every other part of your online marketing strategy is based on it. It’s easy to think that putting up a website will somehow draw people to your offer and that sales will magically start coming in. Furthermore, due to the global nature of the internet, people often make the mistake of thinking that their market is “everybody.” That is far too vague to be even remotely useful. 

Knowing your market then gives you the ability to figure out the best way to market to them and how best to craft your marketing message in a way that they respond to. Different groups of people congregate in different places online. Meeting your market where they already are is a more efficient use of your marketing resources, but only if your message causes them to take your desired action. The only way to have the right message is to know your market. See how it all works together?

If you have all of this stuff in place and you know it’s working well, then you can move to the next level of your online marketing strategy. This comes down to getting the word out in as many places as you can, using as many relevant methods as you can (remember to keep your market in mind). You should also test and track all of your advertising and then make changes as necessary. 

Once your income starts flowing in, be sure to reinvest some of it into your marketing efforts. However, having an online marketing strategy is not enough. You have to put it into action before you start to see all of the positive results.

Online Marketing Strategy

Whether you are all on your own or a big internet business, you will need to find the best online marketing strategy for your business. There are various elements to put together an effective marketing plan. If you can do it yourself, great, but if you think you need some help, hire a company to do the work for you.

There are many issues you need to keep track of to have your online business be profitable. Things like creating an effective marketing funnel and choosing the right product or service to sell.

But the one biggest thing you have to do to have a successful online business is to use multiple sources of traffic generation to drive traffic to your website. This traffic will be your customers. No business, online or off, can survive if they don’t have plenty of customers.

One of the first things you need to learn is that you will need quantity and quality when it comes to traffic online. For these purposes, quality means finding people who love the product or service you are selling and who are willing to spend money on it.

If you can get enough qualified people to your website, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Putting your offer in front of those looking for your offer is about as easy as it gets.

But how do you get the traffic to your site? With hundreds of various options to use to get traffic which one do you choose to do? For most people starting with some free online traffic generating methods is the best way to go.

Simple things like search engine optimization and article marketing are great ways to get started. They are easy to learn, don’t take much time to do and they are free.

As your business progresses, it’s pretty common to add other forms of traffic generation, some paid and some free. At this point, you may also decide that your time is better served elsewhere, so you might want to hire a company or individual to do it for you.

It’s generally a good idea to have between 3 to 5 different methods to generate traffic. The whole doesn’t put all your eggs in one basket thing. The only problem with this method, especially if you have several sites online that you are promoting, is that keeping tabs on all your promotions can get pretty overwhelming.

That is why hiring a company to take care of the day-to-day activities associated with it can make your life much easier. True, you will have to pay them, which will cut your profit margin, but your time is worth something too, and the overall cost shouldn’t be that much.

So, to sum up: your biggest job online is to get quality traffic to your website so you can make sales. Doing much of the work yourself when you first start to save money than hiring a company to handle your online marketing strategy once you are profitable is an excellent game plan to follow.

Online Marketing Terms - Learn The Terms In Your Niche

When running a business, one of the first things you need to learn to succeed in the terms used in your niche, working online is by no means any exception. If you want to be successful on the internet, you need to learn what the most used online marketing terms mean. There are many sources on the internet that you can use to help create and grow your business, but often they will be filled with terms and words you do not know.

To be the most efficient, you need to know what these terms mean to help you with that, and this article will go through some of the most common terms that you will see when working online.

  • 1: Article Marketing. Article marketing is a form of advertising used on the internet. You write up an article similar to this one, no shorter than five hundred words, and you put your carefully selected keyword in your article about three times (no more as it hinders you) as well as in your article title. Then you post that article to various directories so that people see it, read it, and are directed to your website.
  • 2: Keyword. As I mentioned above, keywords are used in article marketing, but what are keywords? Keywords are one of the most important online marketing terms you will learn. They are the phrases people put into searches. If you go to google and type in a phrase to look for something, say… “digital book readers,” that is a keyword. You want such keywords relevant to your niche so that when people search for that keyword, they are directed to your website.
  • 4: Pay Per Click. PPC is where you put an ad for your website on other websites, and when someone clicks that ad, you have to pay for it. It is traditional advertising, but you only have to pay if someone uses it to go to your website. This is not the best method to use for that first starting out, as it is not the most efficient, and it can also be quite expensive.
  • 5: Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one of the most common online marketing terms you will see because it is one of the most important. SEO is basically what determines what page your website ends upon in a search engine. You want to be closer to page 1, so using SEO allows you to do that.

Planning A Strategic Marketing Campaign

If you want to go hunting, you have to know what you are going to hunt. Strategic marketing planning will help you find out what customers you are looking for and how to catch them. Essential to any marketing campaign is finding and knowing your target audience. Knowing your target audience doesn’t just mean identifying. Planning a Strategic Marketing Campaign Will Improve Your Aim.

Whom they are but getting to know how they think and what they want and where to find them. After you know them, you can find ways to catch them. The better you know them, the better your chances are at getting to them before your competition does.

Selecting your target market is only the beginning, but it is a very important beginning. It is best to go after customers you know about and have a legitimate chance of getting with what you have available. While a BB gun might be enough to take down a small bird, you wouldn’t want to try it on a grizzly bear.

Use what you have at your disposal and use it on those you have a legitimate opportunity to succeed with. Choose a target audience whose needs you can meet. There is no shame in starting small. Use that audience to learn with and prepare for bigger targets. Many people choose to work exclusively with small markets and do quite well.

There are several factors to consider when getting to know your target audience and planning a strategic marketing campaign to go after them. You will want to know as much about their demographics as possible.
Pay attention to things like their age, sex, race or ethnicity, education, income, family size, or any other factor that can impact their buying behaviors.

Don’t believe that you are being racist or buying into stereotypes when you do this. Every demographic group has behaviors that are special to them, even though they may be subtle. Please do your best to notice what those behaviors are and cater to them.

Knowing your target audience is incredibly important for anyone planning for a successful strategic marketing plan because it is how they use that knowledge to their benefit that will separate themselves from their competition. All of that knowledge will give you insight into how to meet the needs of those future customers of yours.

In planning your strategic marketing campaign, you need to know how the other elements of your marketing mix will work together to meet the needs of your target market.

The other areas to consider will be things like the particular product or service you want to offer, your method of distribution, your promotions, and the price. The better your knowledge of your market, the better your ability to find a mix that will have an advantage over your competitors.

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