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Google Digital Unlocked Performance Marketing 4.0

There’s never been a better time to start a computer business. While the overall economy is in the tank, advertising expenditures on the internet are constantly going up. The internet is sucking all of the advertising from print and television. 

Start a Computer Business in Your Spare Time

What is even better is that it is incredibly easy to start a computer business. There’s very little cost involved, and you can get started in your spare time without leaving your job.

The first thing that I have to tell you about starting an internet business is that there is no single model to follow. Many people who want to get started online find so many models that it is overwhelming. When you do your research, keep in mind that there are many ways to make money, and you have to find the one that is right for you.

There are three different basic business models for those wanting to start a computer business. You can either create a product to sell yourself, sell other people’s products, or provide a service. All business models boil down to one of these three concepts.

When most people think of products, they think of physical goods. Indeed, you can sell physical products like crocheted doilies or your home-baked chocolate chip cookies through the internet. But remember, when people go online, they are largely looking for information. So, creating an information product is the fastest way to make money online.

Interestingly, people will pay $15 for a paperback book at the bookstore that runs 300 pages, but they will pay $47 for a 60-page ebook that they download and print out on their paper. However, that’s the economic reality of the internet. And, instead of having a publisher who gives you a dollar or two for the product, you get to keep the whole amount.

The next thing you can provide is services. If you write well, have graphic design skills, or can whip up a software program with ease, you can offer your services on the internet. There are sites like elance and rentacoder where buyers and sellers of such services meet. You can also go to forums where internet marketers chat and strike up relationships with people who can help you get started and who want to use your services.

Finally, if you want to start a computer business, you can sell other people’s products. This is called “Affiliate Marketing.” You are the middle man between the buyer and seller.  

You can sell physical products ranging from housewares to diamond jewelry as an affiliate marketer. You can also sell other people’s information products.

Affiliate commissions range from 4% to 75% of the total sale price. Because many information products offer 75% of relatively high purchase prices, many affiliate marketers begin by selling information products. The largest clearinghouse of information products is, where 10,000 products are available for you to sell.

Once you choose a business model, you can begin to figure out how to make sales. But don’t jump around from one thing to another always in hopes of jumping the “next big thing” bandwagon. Rather, decide on a model that works for you and run with it. That’s how you start a computer business in your spare time.  

Amazing Technology and Your Online Marketing Strategy

If your online marketing strategy isn’t working, you might need to introduce some technology to your website. If your current marketing promotions are going well, you might be able to improve them even more with some added technology.

Fancy bells and whistles on a website just for fun aren’t the types of technology that will help you increase sales and grow your business. But technology designed to do some very specific things can make quite a difference.

If you sell products, there are some website enhancements you’ll want to consider in your online marketing strategy. Of course, you must have clear pictures of your products, with more than one picture per product, ideally. You’ll want the customer to click the picture and enlarge it to see the product even more clearly.

There’s no real technology involved with that. But to give the customer the closest experience possible to pick up and examine the product, look into the software that allows you to show 3D images on your website.

The customer can click on the image or a slider bar and drag to turn the image completely around to get a better feel for the object. This online marketing strategy is becoming more popular as companies realize how effective it is.

You could also look into the software that allows a customer to hold the mouse pointer over an image and zoom into it. This usually also allows the customer to move the mouse and see various object parts incredibly up close.

Remember in your online marketing strategy that everything you do to bring the customer closer to the item they want to purchase will increase the likelihood of a sale. You’ll also want to ensure that your shopping cart and checkout system are as absolutely simple and easy as you can make it. Any slight hangup, delay, or problem is just one more reason for the customer not to buy from you.

If you don’t sell products but services or information instead, don’t discount the addition of pictures to your website. Screenshots are particularly helpful when selling software, for instance. While adding pictures doesn’t require much technology, you’ll want to give your website more appeal by adding sound and video.

When you’re selling a service, for instance, a video of someone explaining the service in a friendly, casual tone can go a long way toward giving a customer a positive impression. Even audio clips the customer can listen to that breakdown concepts into simple steps can be an important part of your online marketing strategy.

A video that shows screenshots and still shots and a person speaking or demonstrating something can be particularly effective. Get the software necessary to make these recordings. Don’t forget how annoying it can be to have something suddenly start playing, though, so give the customer the option. Then add them to your website as part of your technology online marketing strategy.

Benefit With Top Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

You might think that the best eCommerce marketing strategy is advertising. Banner ads, one-line text links, and larger graphic ads on websites and newsletters are one way to advertise. It’s usually a fairly expensive way, though.

Especially if you have the graphics made to be eye-catching, like animations that are sure to get people to notice them. But just because someone notices the person doing cartwheels on your graphic ad, that doesn’t mean they’re going to click it.

And many people are so annoyed by ads, particularly moving, flashy ones, that they run software that automatically blocks them from ever having to see such things. How are you going to reach them?

And even of those who see your ad, what percentage of them is likely interested in whatever you’re selling? Like a billboard on a highway with everyone passing, not many will be looking for what’s in the advertisement. So if you base your eCommerce marketing strategy on those kinds of ads, it’s kind of like throwing rocks into a crowd and hoping you accidentally hit someone.

You can implement techniques in your eCommerce marketing strategy, though, that is very focused and take much of the randomness and guesswork out of your plan. Search engine optimization is an important part of your strategy.

This will help you design your content and web pages to get noticed by the search engines. You’ll focus each page on certain keywords surrounding your business, and when someone’s searching on that phrase, your company comes up high in the search engine results.

At least that’s it in theory. In reality, it’s not nearly so simple. Just optimizing the content you already have will help. But the key to this type of eCommerce marketing strategy is to show new content regularly. This shows the search engines that the website is active and updated regularly with keyword-rich content.

As far as the search engines are concerned, this makes one site more valuable and vital than another site with similar content that’s not updated as often. So an important part of your eCommerce marketing strategy should always be new content that’s also search engine optimized.

Four- to care must be taken to make sure this content isn’t just attractive to search engines but important to people, too. Gone are when the site could list keywords or be filled with gibberish full of keywords to get good rankings. Now the content must be there for more than just your ranking. So your eCommerce marketing strategy has to address the quality of the content, not just how many times a keyword might appear within it.

At which one time a simple repetition of the keyword many times in a row might have attracted a good ranking, you should avoid this in your eCommerce marketing strategy because search engines recognize most of these tricks.

Google Digital Unlocked Performance Marketing 4.0

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Google Digital Unlocked Performance Marketing 4.0

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