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Google Digital Unlocked Traditional Marketing 4.0

In this day and age of cyber-technology, everything is done on the internet, from simple activities like shopping to major ones like conducting business. The internet has become one of the most advanced and most beneficial tools entrepreneurs use to promote their businesses, putting up websites, advertising on online pages, and many other techniques. 

Offline Marketing Basics: Overview And Techniques

Behind all these advancements in technology, one business promotion method remains effective offline marketing. This is the foundation of business promotion, the mother of online marketing. And despite the latter’s rise, the popularity of the former remains. 

Offline Marketing Basics

What is this type of marketing, and how does it differ from the ever-popular online marketing? Well, marketing your business offline is done using traditional methods like:

  • Business promotion in radios and televisions. You can have a commercial about your business created and advertised using these media. To do this, you may have to spend a lot of money, depending on the company or station you are advertising with. Another cheaper alternative is by appearing as guests in television and radio shows. If you are an expert in your field and there’s a particular station discussing an issue in your field, you can serve as a guest and speaker. After the event, you can plug your business.
  • Advertising in newspapers and magazines. Like television and radio business promotion, advertising in newspapers and magazines can be done in two ways. The first is to pay for a certain amount of space in the paper where you can insert an ad promoting your business, and the second is to contribute a write-up and then promote your business at the end of the write-up. The second is cheaper and may not even cost you money.
  • Giving out business cards. You can start doing this among friends and then slowly expand to improve the exposure of your business.
  • Posting of flyers, leaflets, and posters. These should contain information about your business—an overview of the service or product you’re offering, rates, business address, and contact number.
  • Sending a printed newsletter to people through snail mail. Once you have built a network of offline customers, you can strengthen your business relationship with them by sending out newsletters to keep them updated on your business and possibly new products and services.
  • Giving out items with your business name, address, logo, and other important information. These giveaways can include simple things like stickers with your company logo and key chains, pens, and shirts.

All these marketing techniques are contrary to the methods used in online marketing, which is marketing using the internet. Practically any marketing method that is not done on the internet can be considered offline marketing.

This is marketing the old-fashioned way, and many people in business still employ this type of marketing until this day. If you want increased business exposure, it will be helpful if you use the two types of marketing side by side. 

Key To A Successful Offline Business Promotion

Contrary to what online marketers say, offline marketing is a powerful marketing style still employed today, even by the biggest companies. After all, this type of marketing is the foundation of marketing (including online). Besides, it wouldn’t have stayed this long if it isn’t effective, right? To get the most out of offline marketing and the different methods used in this type of marketing, you have to be well familiar with this, and you have to learn the different offline marketing strategies and tips. You need the right offline marketing resources.

What resources can you turn to for all your needed knowledge and skills in offline marketing? Look at:

Marketing Books

Sure, most of the books that you will find in the marketing section of bookstores today will most probably deal with online marketing. However, you can still find books whose discussion is focused on offline marketing. Some books focus on marketing an offline business using offline methods, and even books that discuss ways to market online businesses using offline techniques.

Seminars and Workshops

Of course, if you want knowledge straight from the horses’ mouth, so to speak, attend events that discuss offline marketing strategies, methods, pointers, and tips. The speakers will surely be experts in the field, those with first-hand experience who can tell you how difficult or how easy the process is. The good thing with workshops is that there are real persons, real speakers, who can clear all your confusions, answer all your questions, and address all your concerns. You won’t have to find your way because there’ll be people who will help you, people who specialize in the subject.

Talk to Other Offline Marketers

To get a wider perspective on offline marketing, you should not stick to attending seminars; you should also get the advice of those who are into offline marketing themselves. There may be things unknown to experts in the field but are used by small and big offline marketers tailored to their specific needs. And who knows, these unique techniques may apply to your business as well.

Online Sites

Although offline marketing is the exact opposite of marketing online, you’ll be surprised to find that there are still offline marketing resources found on online sites. You can browse these sites to find ways and information regarding the subject. You can also join online forums that discuss similar topics.

Ebooks and Downloadable Files

Other than directly visiting online sites, you can find ebooks and downloadable files to guide you in your offline marketing ventures. The good thing about these ebooks and files, aside from being written by offline marketing experts, is that many of them are free. All you need is to download them and save them on your desktop to be your reference anytime you need a guide.

Offline marketing could be challenging with the emerging popularity of cyber technology. But with all the various offline marketing resources available, you should have no problem learning all that you need to know how to succeed in your venture.

Effective Offline Marketing Strategies

The essence of business is to sell products or services. A product or a service is conceptualized because there is a market for it. This can either be an existing or potential market. With competition real tough these days, companies are on the lookout for effective offline marketing strategies. For marketing to be effective, different strategies for each marketing component should be implemented.

Product Strategies

A product is developed to answer a particular need or want. But, to counter competition, additional features or benefits should be added aside from its basic function. This can include a more appealing color or including a minor feature. If the product is a rice cooker, for instance, a steaming rack can be added to steam foods. Variants can also be introduced, like new flavors for juices. Packaging should be regularly improved or enhanced, especially for consumer commodities such as shampoos, toothpaste, canned goods, and cereals. These products are regularly purchased by consumers and are also produced by a lot of competitors. Thus, repackaging will counter stiff competition. It will also avoid product fatigue or boredom by the consumers.

Promotional Strategies

Customers today are not only demanding but also discriminating. They can afford to because of the availability of many products and services of various brands, models, and features in the market. To have the edge over a competing product or brand, offline marketing strategies should be implemented to market the product effectively. The most effective advertising medium today is the television because people are glued to their TV sets for two to four hours per day. TV ads should be creatively done to catch the attention of its target customers and promote memory recall. The commercial models or product endorsers should also be appropriate to the target market segment. 

Pricing Strategies

Overpricing and underpricing can be both beneficial and detrimental to a product or service. Overpricing may cause a customer to shift to other brands, while under-pricing may convey an inferior product quality. Therefore, it is important that pricing be carefully studied to arrive at an optimum price. Social pricing can also be adapted. This means that if the product is sold at high-end markets such as boutiques and other exclusive shops, it can be priced higher than its regular price. This strategy is more applicable to non-essential or luxury products.

Product Channel or Distribution Strategies

The channels through which the product will reach the end-users are also important. Networking and multi-level marketing are widely popular these days. Aside from the regular advertisements in TV and print ads, the product can also be promoted and delivered personally by dealers and agents.

Marketing is both a science and an art. Since the users are human beings, both their mental and emotional faculties are involved in choosing the particular brand, type, or model of products to buy. Thus, effective offline marketing strategies must be implemented to attract customers and sustain their patronage.

Google Digital Unlocked Traditional Marketing 4.0

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Google Digital Unlocked Traditional Marketing 4.0

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