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Google Digital Unlocked Wireless Bridge SEO Networking B2B Affiliate Marketing

Are you one of the thousands of people looking for a way to supplement your income or replace the income you lost when you were laid off? Thanks to the advances in technology and the World Wide Web, you can begin to create income in a very short period. But you must be willing to work at it. If you are prepared to do just that, work that is, this article will give you some tips to get a head start on affiliate marketing Internet style.

Affiliate Marketing Background

So that you know, affiliate sales have been around for centuries and centuries. However, the guy who created the product or bought the product wholesale contracted with the guy who owned a backpack, tent, or horse and buggy to sell the product around the countryside.

Once it was sold, the product owner and the guy he contracted with settled up. The owner then paid the contractor a percentage of the profits from the sale. In other words, the contractor was a commissioned salesman. Shocker! Yep, affiliate marketing is commissioned sales.

Don’t worry, and it’s not as bad as it sounds. Let me introduce you to Ken. Ken was nine years old when he first became a commissioned salesman (sorry, ladies, but that’s what it was called back then).

Ken saw an ad in a comic book that needed someone to sell Christmas Cards on a percentage basis. Back then, it didn’t cost any money for him to sign up. He signed up, and the company sent him a top-notch demonstration folder of Christmas cards. 

To make a long story short, Ken sold Christmas cards from August through the end of November, and he made $250.00, which was unheard of for a nine-year-old in the 1950s. By the way, that kid named Ken is me.

But I didn’t tell you this story to brag, and I wanted to make a point about commissioned sales (affiliate marketing). If a nine-year-old kid can learn how to do it, then you can. Now let’s move on to the Tips about affiliate marketing.

What kind of money can be made by an affiliate marketer’s internet style?

  • Tip 1: To put the maximum amount of money you can into your pocket, it is important to choose a top-notch product, just like I did when I was nine years old. 

If you’re starting, it’s very easy to determine what’s good and not so good by using the internet. Go to your favorite search engine, type in the product’s name (e.g., “Hood TV reviews”), and bam, usually you will have more reviews than you can shake a stick at. You can use this technique to check out any affiliate product.

  • Tip 2: Going along with Tip 1, you can also check out the actual affiliate program you want to promote. Use the Search Engines and type in (e.g., “Ken’s Baloney Affiliate Program review/reviews”), and you can find out if Ken is a good payer of his commissions or if people say he is a scoundrel and a cheat.
  • Tip 4: You can check out places such as,,,, and many others to find good programs to make affiliate money in.

Affiliate Marketing Internet style is not difficult to do. But like anything else that is worthwhile, you must be willing to work at it. One last tip for you, the better programs will provide you with the necessary tools to promote and not charge you a thing for the advertising tools. You can’t be any better than that.

Should You Pay an Affiliate to Promote Your Product

Many product owners wonder whether they should pay an affiliate to promote their product. While I think the answer is generally yes, there are exceptions to paying an affiliate.

You can only get so many people to come to your website on your own. Your pay-per-click resources are limited, and you can only write so many articles and create so many backlinks before your time is exhausted. If you have an army of affiliates promoting your product, you will make more sales. Suppose your affiliates aren’t poaching off the sales. In that case, you will make yourself; paying affiliates to market your product is a no-brainer.

If you were selling chocolate chip cookies, each additional dozen cookies would cost you money to produce. But digital products are different. It costs you almost the same amount of money to produce one product as it does to produce a million. Therefore, why wouldn’t you want to pick up low-hanging fruit by paying affiliates to promote your product?

Additionally, once you get a customer, you can sell to them for life. Suppose you have structured your product line correctly. In that case, you can pay an affiliate 75 percent of the original purchase price but continue to market to that customer for the rest of his life without paying the affiliate any additional money.

Affiliate marketers are very good at their area of specialization, or they wash out quickly. Some are experts at pay-per-click and know how to deliver traffic to your site that converts.

Others put in the time to write articles that pre-sell customers on your product before they ever land on your page. Video marketing, forum marketing, and classified ads are other specialties of affiliate marketers.

So, are there times when it doesn’t make sense to pay affiliate marketers? Yes, there are.

Suppose you will only sell 100 of an item, and you have 1,000 responsive people on your email list. In that case, you will probably not want to pay affiliates. When you can sell out the subscription yourself, there is no need to split the proceeds.

Another time when you may want to consider not using affiliates is when you want to control how the product is marketed. When you open the product up to affiliate marketers, you lose control of the advertising process. Marketers could spam safelists or classified sites and give your product a bad name.

Most product owners, however, find that the benefits outweigh the downsides of paying affiliates.

Clickbank is the most popular way to set up an affiliate program for digital products. PayDotCom tried to give Clickbank a run for its money but hasn’t taken off as well as the promoters hoped. You can also set up a script to run an affiliate program. The $7 script and Rapid Action Profits are two scripts that let you pay affiliates.

Sell Online Products through Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Do you want to sell online products? It is not all that difficult to get started selling products online. You don’t even have to create or develop your product to sell online products. Affiliate marketing is a strategy where you sell other people’s products.

In affiliate marketing, you are the middleman between a buyer and a seller. Your job is to pre-sell products and deliver warm buyers to the end seller’s home page.

Pre-selling is an art that not everyone has mastered. You may be so used to the continual onslaught of advertising that you think that to sell online products, and you have to “sell, sell, sell.” You are better off providing a good user experience to your visitors and then making softball recommendations to people who have come to trust you.

For instance, if you want to sell an ebook on planning a wedding on a budget, you could create a blog about your wedding. You could talk about the trials and tribulations of mother-in-law interference, dieting so you can fit into the wedding dress, and how your caterer canceled at the last minute.

Then, from time to time, you will mention just how much good advice you’re getting from an ebook you bought that has helped you plan your wedding on a budget. Please include a link to the wedding book with your affiliate code embedded into it.  

Another way to pre-sell to your visitors is to offer a free report in exchange for their email addresses. You can put affiliate links for five or so products in the report.  

But, once you have their email, you can continue to promote products. There are two ways to do this. One offers a series of emails offering useful advice and an inconspicuous link to an affiliate product at the end of the email.  

The other is to send stand-alone advertisements to your list from time to time. Remember that you can’t just “sell, sell, sell” even in email marketing. You have to deliver good value to the customer continually.

If you want to sell online products, the opportunities for the type of products available abound.  

  • One way to find products is to look at major networks like LinkShare, Shareasale, and commission junction for physical products and Clickbank for digital products.
  • Another strategy is to go to large stores such as Walmart and Amazon that offer various products to promote and set up an account directly.
  • A final strategy is to type in your keyword plus the phrase “affiliate product” into a search engine. For instance, searching “Debt Relief” + “Affiliate Program” turns up more than 90,000 results. Many of these are affiliate programs in the debt relief niche.

Start to sell online products today through affiliate marketing strategies.

Earn Money Online Through a Web Affiliate Program

So you think you’d like to make a little money online? Suppose you want to get started earning some extra cash on the Web or even set up a full-time living online. In that case, there are lots of opportunities available, and your imagination only limits you. One good way to get started is to establish a Website or blog (short for “web log”) loaded with interesting content.

Creating an engaging online presence with lots of unique content will allow your site or blog to be ranked in the search engines and bring lots of visitors to read what you have to say. Once you’ve established yourself and your content and start to get visitors, you can join a web affiliate program that will allow you to earn money through clicks from your viewers.

So how does a web affiliate program work? It’s pretty simple: an online seller wants to get as many visitors to their site as possible because more visitors means more revenue.

To get more visitors, these online retailers offer to share a portion of each sale with those people who help promote their products, also known as “affiliates.” Web site owners who want to earn a portion of these sales sign up for the retailer’s web affiliate program.

The retailer then provides the affiliate a unique identifier that allows the main Web site to track clicks from your site or blog. Once a sale is made, the retailer will credit your online account with a pre-determined percentage of the sale or flat payment.

A web affiliate program is an excellent way for an online seller to increase sales because all affiliates become front-line salesmen for the product or service. Sharing a portion of each sale is the retailer’s incentive to each of his affiliate salesmen.

The more affiliates an online retailer has, the more traffic they will receive to their site and the more sales they are likely to make. Many of the most successful online sites have thousands and thousands of affiliates.

There are many web affiliate programs available for practically any sort of Web site or blog content you can imagine. One of the most widely known is the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, sells a lot more than just books. There are thousands of different types of items available through Amazon. Suppose you sign up for the Amazon web affiliate program.

In that case, you can link to any of those products relevant to your Web site and your visitors. When someone reading your site sees a product they’re interested in, they click your Amazon web affiliate program link, and they’ll instantly purchase that product online. If they buy, then you get a cut of the sale.

Google Digital Unlocked Wireless Bridge SEO Networking B2B Affiliate Marketing

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Google Digital Unlocked Wireless Bridge SEO Networking B2B Affiliate Marketing

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