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Google Primer Digital Agencies Network Marketing Success

Adwords is the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising option from Google. All the major search engines have their version of PPC advertising. The basic concept is that you place an ad that targets a specific keyword related to the product, service, or website to which you are trying to get traffic. When someone types that keyword into the search engine, they will see ads at the top, bottom, and sides of the results page (if you’ve done it properly, one of those ads will be yours).  

Adwords Keyword Research – Get It Right Or Go Broke

They will click on an ad and be taken to the website of whoever placed that ad. The advertiser will then be charged, hence the term pay per click. To make this work, you need to choose the keywords you’re going to use carefully, and that’s where the AdWords keyword research tool can come in handy. 

Even if you’re not running a PPC campaign, you’ll still need a list of good keywords to use in all of your online marketing. Keywords are used in virtually every form of online advertising there is. They are needed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), article marketing, and PPC. So having access to cutting-edge keyword research is vital. 

And who better to trust your searches to than the online giant Google? The keyword tool is free to use. It’s also easy to use. Just type in the base keyword you want more information on. 

For example, let’s say you are promoting dog grooming equipment. You would go to the keyword tool, type in ‘dog grooming equipment, and let the results load. There are several fields you can either enable or disable. You can get information on the number of monthly searches, the estimated cost per click (CPC), the amount of competition, to name just a few. 

You will also see hundreds of other keyword combinations derived from your base keyword search. I find that to be one of the biggest benefits of this tool. Sometimes I can’t think of all the word combinations that people might be searching for, so having this tool show me other possible keywords is extremely helpful. 

Another neat thing you can do is type in the URL of a website that sells the same types of products you do. You will see the results, and you can get ideas of what keywords they are using; this is helpful if a certain website is ranking well. It can give you a glimpse into what they’re doing with their SEO. 

Since they will get less competition, make sure to focus more on 3, 4, and 5 words keyword phrases (long-tail keywords). I know many people like to target the and two-word keywords that get hundreds of thousands of monthly searches, but that is a waste of time. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you won’t be able to compete or get ranked for those keywords. You’re better off finding slightly less searched for terms that you may be able to get a ranking for. 

Hey, take advantage of all the internet offers, including the many free tools that you can use to grow your business, such as the Google Adwords keyword research tool.

Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool - Using It Right

The AdWords keyword suggestion tool is used by most internet marketers, even if they aren’t running a pay-per-click campaign. This tool is recognized as one of the premier keyword tools around. I mean, after all, Google is pretty much top dog when it comes to search engines, so who wouldn’t want to get keyword information directly from them?

Picking the right keywords to target for your pay-per-click campaign is one of the most important elements you will have to consider. There is a fine line when it comes to choosing which keywords to use. If you use a one or two-word keyword, you will likely see that they get a ton of monthly searches, but they will also be very, very difficult to be competitive with. For most smaller online marketers, the bid prices for those keywords will be too high to be profitable.

For most of us, the ‘long tailed’ keywords will work much better. These are keyword phrases that have three or more words in them. They can still get a great number of monthly searches (though not as high as the one or two-word keywords), but they will usually have much less competition.

By using the keyword tool, you will have access to much helpful information. You will not only get a list of the top keyword phrases and the average number of monthly searches they get, but you will also be able to find out what the average cost per click (average CPC) price will be for those keywords.

The cost per click will be an estimate since the popularity of the keyword is only one of the elements that determine how much you will pay for each click, but it’s a place to start. You’ll know right away that if you have a daily budget of $50 that a keyword with an average CPC of $10 will probably be out of your budget; even though it might not cost quite that much, it’s more than likely still going to be too expensive for you.

The keyword tool will also give you an idea (it’s just a rough estimate, don’t expect it to be exact) of the amount of competition a given keyword has. That can come in very handy when you’re planning your campaigns.

Another cool thing about this keyword tool is that you can type in your base keyword and be provided with other keywords phrases that are relevant that you may not have even thought of. We cannot think of all keywords associated with our niche market, so it’s nice to have a keyword tool that makes suggestions to give us more ideas.

Besides the sheer volume of potential customers online, the neat thing about the internet is the vast array of free tools you can use for your business. When it comes to finding good keywords, the AdWords keyword suggestion tool will work very well.. and it won’t cost you a dime. Use these tips to get the most out of it for you.

Adwords Marketing - Equals Traffic - Equals Dollars

Using Google Adwords marketing is one of many ways you can promote your website and get a lot of very targeted traffic. This form of advertising is very effective if you know how to do it. If you don’t know how to do it, it will get very costly very quickly. Unless you have money to burn, you really should consider taking the time to fully learn all the ins and outs of using this method for getting traffic.

The two biggest advantages of using Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing are that it’s fast, and the traffic you get will be very targeted (it’s not just about getting thousands of visitors to your site if those people aren’t interested in what you are selling they won’t buy… period.

You want customers, not just visitors). Getting traffic quickly is a wonderful thing for anyone who wants to make money online. It’s a numbers game, and the more visitors you can get to your offer or website, the more sales you’ll make. It’s as simple as that.

The biggest downside to using PPC in general and Adwords, in particular, is that it will cost, sometimes a lot. There is a steep learning curve, and just when you’ve got a successful campaign going, it’s not uncommon for Google to make changes that will affect your campaign.

It is expensive to run a successful Adwords campaign, especially in the beginning. Why? Because when you’re first getting a campaign set up, you are learning what works and what doesn’t. To dial it in and make sure you are getting the most out of your ads, you will need to test, and while you are testing, you will be spending money.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be making any, but it does mean that until you find the right combination of headline, keywords, and body of an ad, you will likely pay more for clicks than you’ll make in sales.

When you are testing your ads, make sure that you only change one thing at a time. For example, run the ad, then change the headline, then run it again. Did your clicks go up or down? If they went up, keep the second headline but change the body copy. Did your clicks go up or down? Keep doing that until you have a winning ad.

I know this article is about PPC and Adwords, and I don’t want to get too far off-topic, but there is something else you need to keep in mind because if you don’t, it will cost you. And that is, that the clicks are only half of the story.

Even if you’ve tweaked your ad, so you’ve got a great ad that gets many clicks, if those people don’t make a purchase or sign up to your list when they visit your website, you’ve essentially wasted the money on the click. While tweaking your ads, don’t forget about your website copy too.

Adwords marketing can work well if you know how to do it properly. Take some time to learn how, set a realistic ad budget, and keep testing. That’s the best way to leverage the power of Google.

Google Primer Digital Agencies Network Marketing Success

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Google Primer Digital Agencies Network Marketing Success

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